Making A new Bomb that must be disarmed by 2 people

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Making A new Bomb that must be disarmed by 2 people

Post by Lugnutz on 27th October 2010, 6:01 pm

I'm building a bomb with a live timer. The bomb must be disarmed my 2 people. One Player must have the key. This is a real Key that must be put in the key hole to allow the second player to flip threw 15 different switches. The switches must be flipped the right way. If one switch is flipped the wrong way during the disarming the timer will sett to 0s. In other words boom. I can reset the switches to be flipped in a different order at anytime so it will never be the same. I'm still working on a few things, but it will be up and running in about a month. The fake bomb should make for a few fun games lol. When I bring the fake bomb to the field I will have a piece of paper with the switch code on it. When the game starts I will give two players the key and switch code=)
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Re: Making A new Bomb that must be disarmed by 2 people

Post by Longbow on 28th October 2010, 8:38 am

bombs like that always ad a fun level to games, also it's alot of fun to use it as part of a king of the hill game. have teams on either end of the field rush to the bomb activate it and hold it for the alloted time. if they are over run the other team must dearm the rearm the bomb.

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