New Rules for Hosting Operation Based games at TFAA Training Center

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New Rules for Hosting Operation Based games at TFAA Training Center

Post by Howie on 25th November 2013, 12:12 pm

As for all Future Operation based games Hosted by the Foundation or Another team or group at TFAA Training Center, Will Now Require to have the Following;
1. They must have a Admin/ Safety Marshall at all times during the course of play!
A. These Admin/Safety marshal's will not be a part of either team they will remain Neutral.
B. They will be require to wear a Orange or Red shirt along with Appr...ove Safety glasses so that players can find you for questions or problems
2. There must be a minimal of 35-40 attending players, To make the Operation Based game a GO, as operational based games are based to be large gathering of players for large scale gaming!
A. If the Minimal number of attending players is not meet! It will be cancel or reschedule to later date.
B. Minimal Players must be verify at least 3 days in advance before the Op, So the Host can determine if they have the Minimal amount of players.
3. It Most be clearly identify Who is Hosting the Event. in the banners, and promotion of the game along with Contact info.
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