On November 2, 2013 extra twist

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On November 2, 2013 extra twist

Post by Howie on 9th October 2013, 8:35 pm

First Annual Pistol Match,
The match will take place with in the two villages, double elimination. Everybody will start in the Middle East village within the buildings, when the admin blows the horn the game will start, everybody comes out shooting, when the first seven guys are elimination they will head to the U.S. village and standby for atleast seven players to start second match everybody will go into the buildings and when the admin blows the horn everybody comes out shooting, once it down to two players, the game will be paused for new members to take the field until there is a player in each building then game will continue until last man standing. And he is deem champion of pistol.

This event will be held after lunch, once your out of the Pistol match you may hold force on force... game at the Middle East Village.

TFAA rules apply during event.
Weapons Allowed.
1. Only pistols, GBBs and springers
2. Spring Shotguns

1.Must bring Extra Ammo and gas to field, will be placed in local staging for reloading between matchs

Medium engagement distance.
1. The range for engagements will be anywhere from 2 feet to 50 feet. ( Remember if within 5 Feet shoot down at lower body if possible)
2. This event will not be for light hearted, if not wanting to get shot with in a few feet, please do not attend this match.
3. Do not go 5 feet away from the back side of any structure or you will disqualify from the event. Will explain in get detail at day of match.

What the Champion of the Pistol gets ;
1. One year with your picture up on the forum and Facebook page as the Champion of the Pistol
2. KWA ATP pistol brand new in the box.

Cost to enter the Annual Pistol Match 10.00 dollars, the standard field Fee only covers the the morning games and after the match games so you will pay 20.00 dollars that day 10.00 dollars for all day game play, and 10.00 for entry into the pistol match.
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Re: On November 2, 2013 extra twist

Post by Sobecho on 19th October 2013, 6:14 pm

I will try to make this indeed!
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