Hypermind gear for sale

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Hypermind gear for sale

Post by hypermind on 29th March 2013, 12:48 pm

Anyone at the game on march 30th. i will be selling some tactical gear. Sorry for no images anyone at the game can see and the items i dont sell at the game i will post images.

Belleville boots BLK- i dont know exact size but im guessing around 91/2 or 10. there used and but are in good shape. selling for about $80. they sell for $156 so good price

9.6 1600mah battery with deans connector-$30

condor messenger bag TAN- brand new without tags, never used-$35

propper belt size 32-34 TAN-$10

condor MOD admin pouchTAN-$10

single condor M4 pouch TAN-$8 brand new

single condor gernade pouch OD-$8 brand new

Condor knee pads TAN-$12 used

condor 3 day assault packBLK-$70
All gear is price listed but if you go to the game this saturday it will be OBO

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