Retrieve the Brief Case

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Retrieve the Brief Case

Post by Howie on 22nd February 2013, 12:35 am

SCENARIO GAME DAY; Retrieve the Brief Case





An American Cessna 152 was flying across Mexico, carrying a briefcase of Intelligence

/Surveillance Paperwork back to the United States. For some odd reason the Plane’s door came apart during mid flight transit causing the lost of the Briefcase was suck out the door. Now the desperate government needs to find the Briefcase and get it back to the Pentagon to be analysis. Only information is with GPS tracking signal

Secretary of Defense approves use of Special Forces team along with quick response Forces to ensure the mission success of retrieval of the briefcase. Meantime the Mexico government find the signal for the briefcase and dispatches it own forces to retrieve the Briefcase from the Area. The Mexican Special Forces and local quick response forces is used.

The Mexican quick response Forces will stage themselves at the Village and await orders from the Special forces Team, The Special Forces team Will Start also at the Village. The Special Forces Will be able to use the QRF as needed to block, ambush, strengthen the SF’s as needed to assist with completion of task. The SF’s must bring the briefcase back to the Village.

The U.S. forces will start at the top of the Hill South of the Village, The S.F.’s will also be allow to use the QRF to block, ambush, and strengthen the SF’s position will retrieving the brief case. Once the US special Forces retrieve the brief case, the Exfil will be East and up the hill across the Stream from the Village.

1. Remember both Forces can deployed the their QRFs as needed, they can split into two or even three QRF’s , But the QRF’s cannot retrieve the briefcase themselves only the S.F’s can,

2. Teams Will be Based on GREEN VS TAN

3. Ensure atleast one GPS device used Per Team, along with Radios are used.

4. Bring enough Ammo to last thru the Game, One High cap allowed, and all the Mid cap magazines you can carry.

5. The GPS tracking number will be given at the start of the game.
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