Something to think about ?

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Something to think about ?

Post by Howie on 30th December 2011, 2:59 am

okay guys,
Here something to think about during the next game day. As we will admin's on the field during the course of the games. We will not tolerate not calling hits, not watching you meds (meaning how far away your from your intended targets) . Also all replicias will be chrono in the morning and spot checks through out the game day to ensure safety is follow as per foundation rules and regulations. All actions will be based off the rules that can be found on the foundation headquarter section of the forum under rules and regulations, please take the time and read them and sign off on them. This is for your safety and the other players safety to provide safe environment. Please remember this game is based off your honor and the other players honor in the spirit of airsoft players all over the world.
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